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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Going Back to My Vegan - Low Fat - Gluten-free - Sugar Free diet

I had to get off the raw food diet.   I felt more energetic and better than ever while I was doing it, as I always do.   The problem was that I am in training at work for the next couple of weeks and when I am doing raw foods I get GAS - and I mean BAD gas!   I was sitting in the training room (which is about the size of an average dining area) with 8 people on Thursday and the pains kept getting worse and worse; I had tears welling up in my eyes I was fighting it so hard.   Whew!   I made it through the day without incident somehow but I decided to come back to the raw food diet when I wasn't in such close quarters with other people!  LOL!   Instead of just giving up on my blog I am going to continue but I am going to post my "regular" diet items.   I've made some pretty good meals the past few days and will be posting recipes for those.

We will still be juicing everyday - that is something we always do.  We juice every morning for breakfast and rarely eat anything else until we take our lunch break.

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